Why Sugar?

Why Sugar? Well... Because friends don't let friends WAX!

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal with a slightly modern twist. Sugar is applied at room temperature, is water-soluble and reduces the chance of ingrown or broken hairs. At Sugar Streak Studio, you’ll receive the absolute best sugaring services available.

Give us 7 days of hair growth and we’ll give you the most skin-friendly hair removal service on the market today. At Sugar Streak Studio, we are the Sugar Experts. We’ll walk you through everything you need for luxuriously smooth, hair-free skin - how to get it that way and keep it that way.



We respectfully request that customers take note of our policies and procedures which include our cancellation and no-show policies. Our primary practice does consist of serving our female guests. We will see male clientele for bikini and brazilian services when they are referred personally. Due to the nature of our services, we do reserve the right to accept, decline or stop any service for inappropriate behavior at any time. We do welcome our male clientele for any of our other sugaring services at any time, such as brows, backs, chests, etc. 

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